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Welcome to our Thanksgiving and Christmas Specials!  

Scroll down below to view our latest mail order flyers and also see sample photos of the items we are offering for 2017!!! 
Blankets will be fully updated shortly! We are currently opening our web store online where you can purchase items directly from our website for delivery to Calverton National Cemetery! We are updating it as quickly as possible! 

Thanksgiving 2017 Specials!

Our top selling item year 

after year!!

Cornucopia~ Bursting with

silk fall flowers arranged in a wicker cornucopia.


Silk Carnation layered Fall Themed Cross of Flowers ~ 

Approx. 24" from top to bottom


Deluxe Silk Carnation and Rosebud layered Fall themed Cross of Flowers~

Approx. 32" from top to bottom


Silk Medium Heart of flowers ~ 

$29.99 tx

Deluxe Fall Silk heart of flowers with Rosebuds ~

$39.99 tx

Thanksgiving Med. spray of silk flowers


Thanksgiving Small Cross of Silk Flowers


Silk Bouquet of fall Thanksgiving Flowers-


Silk Bouquet of Thanksgiving Flowers-


Christmas Specials 2017

**Christmas Floral Placement begins on December 1st, 2017.   Weather permitting all items will be placed by Dec 23rd, 2017. Email photos are provided by Calverton Floral Design *Completely free of charge* and the photo is in no way associated with your payment or delivery date or time of your floral placement. Due to a large demand for photos, we ask that you order early if needing the email by a certain date. Email Photos during the holiday season can take u to 10 days to be sent. Please order accordingly.  If requesting a special date for delivery or pick up, please give us early notice(5 days or more in advance) if possible to ensure your item will be there when you get there.

*We provide up to (2) free banners with every order, after that additional banners are .50 cents each. 

**Our delivery to Calverton National Cemetery is Free for the Christmas/Holiday Season from Dec 1st 2017 through Dec 19th 2017. Please see below for delivery fee after Dec 19th 2017.

***Please note, if ordering after December 19th, 2017 (4 Days Prior to Christmas Day (Dec 20th -Dec 24th) there is an additional delivery fee of $5.00.  Please order early to avoid the delivery fee.
*** Next day delivery or (same day if possible)is available for the Christmas season for an extra $10.00 delivery fee.  (If items ordered are in stock) .

Want to Save $2.00 off your order?! Order Early before Dec 1st 2017 and Save $2.00!!

1. Blanket with Large Red Center Bow and 4 Corner Bows.

$38.99 tx

2.  Poinsettia Spray Blanket- Poinsettias, white leaves and bows.


3. Christmas Spray Blanket- Poinsettias, white leaves, bows, pine cones, Santa, Candy cane, Christmas Balls and more Decor.


4. Deluxe Nativity Blanket- Hand Painted Manger Nativity scene custom designed in a beautiful winter scene, glittered poinsettias and leaves. 

$64.99 tx

5. Santa and Sled Blanket - Beautiful Sled fully decorated with Christmas Decor being pulled by Santas Reindeer.



6. All Natural Custom Blanket Spray- White Birch sticks, Pine Cones, Greens and Velvet ribbons.

$49.99 tax


7. Deluxe Broken Heart or Cross Blanket- 

Cross or Heart made of White Carnations with a break of red roses, centered on a blanket, white leaves and bows.


8. Winter wonderland reindeer Scene- Custom designed deer in a wonderland Fantasy , gifts , bows, clusters, candy canes, holly , and so much more!! White Leaves surround the scene with Glittered Poinsettias! 



8. Winter wonderland Manger Nativity Scene- Beautifully decorated deluxe Manger nativity with all the extras!


9. Christmas tree Blanket- Fully Decorated 18" Christmas tree anchored to a full 3x5 ft decorated balsam blanket. white leaves and bows, poinsettias on blanket!

$65.99 tax


10. Xmas Surprise Blanket!  Designers choice of Christmas Decor, Fully decorated! stunning!!


11. Balsam Wreath- 


11. Velvet Decor Wreath-


11. DeluxeWreath


12. Balsam 3 foot cross- 



12. Velvet Decor Cross-



12. Deluxe Balsam Cross- 




Please note changes to our Top selling item #13! We have added a second choice and now comes in 2 sizes, Regular and Deluxe!

13. Deluxe Christmas Tree Special in a Cone

TOP SELLING ITEM FOR THE PAST 4 YEARS! 2013/2014/2015/2016!!  Our handmade custom decorated (approx. 24") Christmas tree in a cone! Christmas Balls, Pine cones, bells, packages, drums, Santa, Candy Cane and more! 

 $38.99 tax


13. Tree in a cone (Regular)-  Our Custom Designed (approx 18") Christmas Tree in a cone- Bows, balls, Pine cones, Garland and more!



14- Dreamin of Angels Blanket- Tastefully decorated Silver and Gold blanket with beautiful flying angels scene, leaves, gold poinsettias and assorted greens and decor' 

Gorgeous fully decorated blanket!!!

$95.00 tx


Actual Standing 3 foot Christmas Tree-

 Fully custom Decorated 3 foot standing tree with lots of Christmas decor!! Anchor to a secure stand decorated with Packages and Drums under the tree on a bed of snow!

$79.99 tax

(This is a custom hand decorated item, please consider ordering early!)

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